As summer’s scorching heat approaches, don’t let your rented window AC leave you hot and bothered. Follow these tips to ensure it keeps you cool and comfortable all season long.

Pre-Summer Servicing Before the mercury rises, get your rental window AC serviced by professionals. This tune-up ensures the cooling system is operating at peak efficiency to handle summer’s high cooling demands.

Smart Summer Usage On particularly hot days, keep that window AC running! But avoid setting it too low – around 24-26°C is ideal. Use the timer and energy-saving modes to prevent wasteful overcooling. Keep areas sealed for better cooling.

Troubleshooting Basics If your window AC doesn’t seem to be cooling properly, check the basics first. Clean the air filters regularly and ensure proper airflow isn’t blocked. Listen for any unusual noises that could indicate issues.

When to Call for Repairs If basic troubleshooting fails, promptly call our service team to inspect the window AC unit. Attempting DIY repairs can cause further damage. We’ll quickly diagnose cooling issues and have your rental AC back up and running smoothly.

Replace for Peace of Mind In some cases, repeated faults may occur as the rented window AC nears the end of its lifecycle. We’ll advise replacing it with a newer, more efficient model to ensure reliable cooling through summer’s peak heat.

Don’t sweat it out this summer! With proper maintenance and timely servicing of your rented window AC, you can stay blissfully cool. Follow this guide and reach out to us for professional support in keeping your space perfectly chilled.

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