Does bigger mean better when it comes to split ACs? Not really. Choosing the correct tonnage based on room size is crucial for efficient cooling and lower electricity bills. Get it wrong, and you’ll either waste energy or struggle to feel comfortable.

Room Size Calculation To determine the ideal split AC tonnage, calculate the room’s area in square feet. For optimal cooling, you’ll need approximately 600 sq ft of coverage per ton of AC capacity. So for a 100 sq ft room, a 0.6 ton (6000 BTU) AC should suffice.

Oversized = Overcooling An AC with excessive tonnage for the room size will cycle on and off rapidly. This inconsistent cooling leads to hot/cold zones and moisture issues. An oversized 2 ton AC in a small 300 sq ft room is overkill.

Undersized = Underperforming Similarly, an undersized split AC will run continuously trying to cool the space, consuming more power while struggling to bring down temperatures effectively. A 0.75 ton unit will prove inadequate for a large 500 sq ft room.

Energy Efficiency Counts Properly sized split ACs run most efficiently at steady state. This translates to lower energy usage and electrical costs for you. The wrong capacity leads to wasteful overcooling or underwhelming performance.

Our Tonnage Recommendations For typical Indian home rooms of 100-150 sq ft: 0.6-0.8 ton split AC For 200-300 sq ft living rooms: 1 – 1.5 ton capacity For larger 400-600 sq ft areas: 2 ton split AC

Don’t make the mistake of oversizing or under-sizing your split AC. Rent the right tonnage from us for year-round cooling comfort and affordable electricity bills!