Gurgaon summers can be brutal. A quality split AC on rent in gurgaon is your best defense against scorching days. But using it efficiently ensures you stay cool without getting hot under the collar from high electricity bills. Follow these tips to maximize your rented split AC’s cooling capabilities:

Set It Right

The ideal split AC temperature lies between 24-27°C. Setting it lower makes the compressor work harder, guzzling more energy. Use the timer to turn on the AC an hour before you need cooling. This prevents wasteful overcooling.

Keep It Clean

Split AC performance drops when air filters get clogged with dust and grime. Clean or replace them once every 1-2 weeks for consistent cooling. It’s simple – just open the front panel and vacuum the filter mesh thoroughly. Proper filter maintenance can slash your energy costs.

Master the Modes

Most split ACs have different mode settings like ‘Auto’, ‘Dry’, ‘Fan’ etc. ‘Auto’ mode senses the ambient temperature and adjusts cooling. ‘Dry’ removes moisture from the air, preventing that damp feeling. Experiment with modes to create your ideal cooling environment.

Sleep Tight

Want better sleep in hot weather? Use the AC’s ‘Sleep’ mode which gradually increases the temperature through the night. This saves energy while ensuring comfort. Keep doors and windows shut once the AC is on for optimal cooling.

Follow these split AC usage tips to keep your cool. Combining them with timely servicing ensures your rental unit delivers refreshing relief from Gurgaon’s sweltering heat.